Watch this video: World Relief – Manifesto – Stand for the vulnerable

Video link: World Relief – Manifesto

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  1. You are ttlaloy right.The pamepred, overpaidl, secure workers are to blame.They must be transformed into tireless, industry soldiers and let those that cannot adapt starve!Let us do away with the commie values of guaranteed pay, leaves and 8-hours a day and protections of childhood and motherhood.The worker should devote all his or her waking hours for fulfilling the vision of the creative employer. The worker must be expendable, a living sacrifice to the vision and creativity of the employer. Let him or her be the living, breathing tool of the employer, let him suffice himself or herself to the bare necessities of life and even less.Let the Greek miracle happen, crush the looting classes into a disciplined workforce, let us do away with the commie ideal of society in 2012.Greed is good! Altruism is bad!

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