Read: The Cause & Effect of injustice in our world

There are many injustices in our world; poverty – Almost half the world live on less than $2.50 a day. At least 80% of humanity live on less than $10 a day. Human slavery – there are more slaves today than at any time in human history. Many are children. It is estimated that 2 children per minute are trafficked for sexual exploitation. Homelessness. Online child pornography. Children without a mother and a father – some have said that there are 143 million orphans living in our world today. I believe that every one of us are designed with a desire to fight for a cause of injustice. I believe we are ingrained with a desire to make an effective difference for a cause. This is the cause and effect of injustice. What are steps that we can take to make an effective difference in our world of injustice?

1. We need to be aware:

This first thing we need to do is to become aware of the injustices around us. For many of us in America and other developed countries, it can be difficult to realize the suffering of this world. The immense injustice that many people live with as part of their normal day to day lives. For the most part, not realizing the injustice around us, is driven by our society and the culture we live in. Most of us live lives of comfort. We have the necessities of life and access to abundant resources. For many, entertainment is the center of our lives. We live in a “ME” society. We are surrounded by advertisements that focus on the promotion of self or the encouragement of self. We are inundated by a “ME” society, preventing us to recognize the world of hunger, poverty, child sex slavery, unjust death and many others. In order to step out of our comfort, we need to take a proactive approach to educating ourselves of the injustices around us. One way to accomplish this, is to research the web. The web is a powerful tool. On one hand it can be used for evil, on the other hand it can be used for good. One thing for certain, the web allows choice. It allows us to choose what we want to read and receive, rather than being fed programs, news, advertising, the other media outlets offer. Martin Lurther King Jr. once said – “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

2. We need to find a cause:

We need to find our cause. What are you going to fight for? To be effective, we sometimes need to narrow our attention to a specific cause. Something that grabs our heart, tugs at our soul and fuels our passion into action. It may be that you’ve experienced injustice in your own life and know firsthand what it’s like to go through an event that caused so much pain and a great deal of suffering. Because of this, you want to help others in this struggles and with much work, end the injustice you once experienced. For many of us, we need to open out hearts to see where God may want us to act, who God may want us to help. I believe we are all ingrained with compassion and a desire to help others, a longing to take part in a cause that is bigger than ourselves. What is your cause? Is it Poverty? Is it human slavery? is it hunger? Is it the unjust act of aborting a baby? Is it children without a mother and father? Is it orphans? Widows? What is your cause?

3. We need to take action:

We simply need to act. We can not sit idly by as many living in our world today, live in extreme poverty and extreme injustice. Not on our watch! The statistics can seem overwhelming and often times we become numb. Numb by the shock and in disbelief that this is actually happening in our lifetime. We lock up, freeze and do nothing. This is a common reaction. Largely because again, we live in a culture where little suffering exists compared to the world around us. Or we feel that we cannot make a difference is such large numbers. But we can… There was a boy walking the beach, faced with thousands of starfish washed up along the shore. An old, wise man, taking his daily stroll along the beach saw the boy picking up the starfish and throwing them in the water. The old man asked the boy, “kid what are you doing?” The boy answered, “saving these starfish”, with a grin the old man said, “you cannot possibly save all of these starfish.” to that, the boy quietly reached down for another starfish, threw it in the water and said, “I saved that one… and that one… and that one…” We alone cannot save all of them, but collectively we can.

Edmund Burke, a famous philosopher once wrote – “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

So what’s your cause? And how are you going to make an effective difference in the cause for injustice in this world?


  1. monalisa

    Yeah…very true,I agree and actions got to be put to place to curb and if possible totally eradicate corruption the canker-worm of the problem

  2. Anonymous

    You people need to stop saying that this is boring. This is a serious problem in the world and for you guys to sit here and say its too boring and needs pictures is sad. Why are you even researching injustice

  3. Carmel Rosima

    I agree with Hilga Loyer and Lind Smith that this article is wordy. Maybe you could make it simplier and it contains to the answers that the readers would wish to know.

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