Why Abortion is not Biblical, Part 4 – Conclusion

I would like to conclude this series of articles by speaking to those who may have read this that have personal experiences with abortion. I will start by stating the obvious, you are not alone. If abortion has already targeted your life, know that God is forgiving, full of grace and compassion. He will accept you as you are, just as he accepted me and many others as we are.

If you are currently contemplating having an abortion, take time now to see your life in 20 years. Take time to realize the consequences, physically, mentally and spiritually. Know that there are alternative options. You are holding the most important valued living soul, you can make a difference. You can parent the child or allow someone else who is more than willing to adopt your child. http://www.pregnancycenters.org/

“Would the person considering having an abortion proceed if they’re mothers decided to have an abortion?”

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