Give the gift of a Kiva card this Valentine’s:

Buy a Kiva Card. The Kiva card lets you make a small loan to entrepreneurs across the word, for the sake of alleviating poverty.


  1. Jay

    Jen & Stephen – said well. It’s interesting to think of having a microloan structure for poverty in America, I fully agree. Giving a hand up rather than a hand out, in most cases work. The evidence is clear. We are created to work. It ties in well with the Proverb posted the day before. I’m curious to know if any homeless shelters or organizations in our country have tried this strategy? There is still so much more opportunity for work in our country vs. other countries where there just isn’t much opportunity to even find work.

  2. Jen & Stephen Drake

    I love Kiva! I often think about how God instructed us to aid the poor; and it always seemed to be with their dignity in mind. Leave the corners of the field, leave some grapes, olives, whatever….but they still had to work and work breeds dignity and self respect. Kiva offers people not just help, but a chance at a career. I often wonder how we can do the same for the homeless in our very own country. I would love to hear any ideas others have on how to have a lasting impact on the poor in our own country.

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